Our end-users

Each Supersite has one or more End-users to whom scientific information concerning the hazards affecting the site is constantly provided and updated. End-users are generally national or local level public administrations.
According to our policies, the only authoritative provider of hazard or monitoring information services to the end-users is the Supersite coordinating agency. Even if the End-users are not directly involved in the GSNL initiative, the services they receive are ruled by national laws or bilateral agreements.

The wider GSNL scientific community can contribute specific scientific information to the End-users, under the supervision of the Supersite coordinator. The latter then selects through an inclusive scientific discussion the information to be officially provided to the End-user.


This is a non-exaustive list of the end-users for our Supersites:


Supersite/Nat. Laboratory

Official end-users

Hawaiian volcanoes Hawaii County Civil Defense, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Icelandic volcanoes Icelandic Police – Dep.t of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, Environmental Agency of Iceland,  Directorate of Health
Mt.Etna volcano National Department of Civil Protection, Regional Civil Defense
Campi Flegrei & Vesuvius volcano National Department of Civil Protection, Regional Civil Defense
Marmara Fault Istanbul municipality
Ecuadorian volcanoes Secretariat for Risk Management, Regional governments, Municipalities
Taupo volcanic zone Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Department of Conservation, Regional councils, MetService
Southern Andes volcanoes ONEMI, Ministry of Interior and Public Safety of Chile
San Andreas Fault California Office of Emergency Services, FEMA, local users
Virunga volcanoes D.R. Congo and Rwanda Civil Defense Agencies