The governance structure of the GSNL initiative is built on the Scientific Advisory Committee, the Supersite Coordinators, the CEOS Data Coordination Team, and the Secretariat.


The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC  is composed of volcano and earthquake scientists and experts in observation techniques and data infrastructures. Its main responsibilities are:

  • To define the general GSNL objectives, within the spirit of GEO
  • To select Supersite candidates
  • To periodically review the Supersite's accomplishments
  • To promote new Supersites
  • To manage the initiative and the network of Supersites

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) member list

The Supersite Coordinators

The Supersite Coordinators are normally scientists belonging to geohazard monitoring institutes in the country where the Supersite is located. Their institutes should have an authoritative role in the national framework for Disaster Risk Management. Their main responsibilities are:

  • To define satellite data requirements for each Supersite
  • To communicate with Space Agencies and oversee the acquisition of satellite imagery (background acquisition plans, satellite tasking, maintenance of the archived data)
  • To ensure access to in situ data (also coordinating other in situ data providers)
  • To periodically report the Supersite progress and accomplishments

List of Supersites Coordinators

The CEOS Data Coordination Team (DCT)

The CEOS-DCT is formed by representatives from all CEOS Space Agencies. Its main responsibilities are:

  • To recommend Supersite approval to the CEOS Plenary
  • To evaluate the satellite data requests for each Supersite
  • To define the annual quota of images to be granted to the Supersite
  • To facilitate the data acquisition and delivery to the Supersite Coordinators
  • To periodically review the Supersite's accomplishments

DCT Chair for 2017-2018:    Jens Danzeglocke, DLR-Bonn (

Secretariat support

GEO Secretariat staff supporting the Disaster Resilience SBA, and thus the GSNL initiative:  Akiko Noda (

INGV Secretariat staff supporting the SAC Chair: Giuliana Rubbia (, Luigi Abruzzese (