Access to COSMO-SkyMed Supersite SAR imagery

Thanks to an agreement between ASI and ESA, since April 2018 all the data acquired by COSMO-SkyMed over the Supersites, are made available through the ESA Geohazard Exploitation Platform (GEP).

To browse and access CSK data, use the GEP Geobrowser:!&context=EOData%2FCOSMO-SkyMed%2FAll.

Please note that while browsing is open to all, to be able to download the data the user must have signed a COSMO-SkyMed License for use, and must have an ESA SSO account.

Here below you can find a number of Frequently Asked Questions which explain the procedure.


COSMO-SkyMed data access FAQs

 What happens to the CSK data acquired over a Supersite?

When a new dataset (image) is produced and placed on the ASI ftp server, the ASI centre in Matera  sends an alert email to the Supersite Coordinator with a link for download. At the same time ASI uploads the dataset(s) to an ftp area set up by the GEP managing team for each Supersite. The GEP team then periodically collects the uploaded data and moves them to the Supersite data repository of the GEP. The data can then be browsed from the GEP Geobrowser interface at!&context=EOData%2FCOSMO-SkyMed%2FAll 

How can I discover the CSK data on the GEP Geobrowser ?

You can access CSK data on the GEP Geobrowser at:!&context=EOData%2FCOSMO-SkyMed%2FAll.
The GEP allows to discover thousands of  images from ESA and Third party missions (ERS, ENVISAT, TSX, CSK, etc.). The GEP can also access data and value-added processing products (e.g. interferograms, DEMs) generated by GEP users.
To discover CSK data you define an area in the map and then select the CSK mission from the EO Data drop down list. You can then further select the Supersites and than the images you want from the bottom left panel. When you select an image in this panel a pop up window appears with the image Metadata.
To download the image you need to sign in using your ESA SSO account. The account must be preliminarly authorized to access the CSK mission data, see the Authorization FAQ below.

 How can I download the Supersite data (not only CSK) from the GEP?

To download data from the GEP you need an ESA Single Sign On (SSO) account. You can get one by registering directly on the GEP (top menu).
If you already have an ESA SSO account, you can login into the GEP, but to be able to download Supersite satellite data (not only CSK) you need to be sure that your SSO account has been authorized to download the specific mission data. For CSK download authorization, see the Authorization FAQ below.
If you are logged in, when your search results are shown in the left panel, you can show the details of an image and click the Download link. At present images can be downloaded only one at a time.

Authorization to download CSK  data

Before being able to download CSK data (and other mission data) your ESA SSO account must be authorized. To do this you need to sign a COSMO-SkyMed license agreement.
Note that the license agreements are different for each space agency so if you wanted all data for a  given Supersite you would need to sign a license for CSK, one for TSX/TDX, one for Rsat2, one for Pleiades.
Moreover, for CSK the license is different for each Supersite, thus if you want CSK data for another Supersite, you need to sign another license.
The CSK license files are provided by the Supersite Coordinators, who are listed in this website under each Supersite page.
The appropriate form in the license file must be filled and signed (two signatures at the bottom) and sent back to the Supersite Coordinator, and to the GSNL Chair at the address
The Supersite Coordinator will then send the signed license to ASI and to the GEP management team. The person in charge at ASI will confirm that the user can be authorized to download CSK data, and TerraDue will update the user’s account authorizations.

Points of Contact:

  • ASI:
  • TerraDue:

This procedure should take 7-10 days, and it must be done only once for each Supersite.