China Earthquake Supersite

Supersite Objectives

In addition to the GSNL general objectives, the China earthquake Supersite has 5 specific objectives:

1 - Acquire  SAR and VHR optical imagery for all significant earthquakes occurring in the Supersite area, to study the co-seismic and postseismic deformation processes, including surface faulting.

2 - Acquire 6-day Sentinel-1 imagery of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake region in order to better resolve post-seismic deformation and understand how it affects nearby faults.  This objective will support the newly established China Seismic Experimental Site (CSES).

3 - Acquire high-resolution Cosmo-Skymed imagery of a section of the Haiyuan fault to study the interseismic deformation and aseismic creep.

4 - Acquire 6-day Sentinel-1 imagery at the CSES sites to map the interseismic deformation. Develop a high resolution structural model for the active faults by joint analysis of InSAR with in-situ observations.

5 - Advance data sharing in China (GNSS, Seismic, InSAR). Promote international collaboration and participation of China in the GSNL initiative.


Supersite Coordinator

Yun Shao
Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Official end-users

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Biennial reports

No report has been requested to date


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