Natural laboratories

Natural laboratories (NL) are geographic regions in one or several countries characterized by relevant geohazards and a coherent tectonic setting.

Natural laboratories:

  • are similar to Permanent Supersites but cover larger regions and are less densely monitored;
  • are subject to investigations aimed at broadening the scientific understanding of the causative processes and at narrowing the uncertainty in geohazard assessment;
  • provide a framework for regional collaborations in order to promote transnational access and collaborative temporary experiments for implementing the existing observing systems. Data providers and end users would share data and products, and coordinate research and studies at regional level including activities for testing and validating new techniques, technologies and sensors.
  • are not limited in time and will normally exist during the lifetime of the related activities or organizations and beyond that as applicable.

Active natural laboratories:

  • San Andrea Fault Natural Laboratory (SAFNL).  Joined GSNL in  May 2017, supported by CEOS  with more than 4500 images. More details.