Event Supersites


Event Supersites are geographic regions of the world which have been affected by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions of particularly relevant magnitude or impact.

Event Supersites are proposed by a team including the global and local scientific community and local end-users.

If approved by the CEOS DCT, they receive satellite image data for the scientific investigation of the source and of the effects of the event. Event Supersites are typically active only for few months.

This page contains the links to web pages reporting on data and scientific results obtained for past Event Supersites.

Web pages for the events established before 2015 were migrated here from a previous Supersite website created and managed by UNAVCO.  The GSNL Chair, SAC, and all participants are indebted with UNAVCO for its support to the initial phase of the initiative, and for continuing to host Supersite image data on its servers.