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Use of the GEO – GSNL logo is intended for events like conferences and meetings, publications and reports, websites and other on-line material produced within the GEO-GSNL framework.

Please use the GEO – GSNL logos  according to GEO Branding Guidelines, available  at GEO website in the Outreach section. 

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Posters and leaflets

  • GEOhazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories ( May 2017). GSNL Supersites infos and initiative’s objectives at a glance. Poster (jpg) presented at 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Cancun, Mexico.
  • GSNL in a nutshell (July 2016). A brief overview (pdf) of GSNL objectives, stakeholders and their interests, as well as composition of the network, with Supersites list and coordinators, and research products.

Selected presentations

  • Lesson learned from the Geohazard Supersites initiative. Stefano Salvi, 2016. Talk (ppt) at 10th GEO European Projects Workshop 31 May- 2 June 2016, Berlin.

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Selected publications

  • Contribution of the EVER-EST project to the community of the Geohazard Supersites initiative. Elisa Trasatti et al. 2017. Poster (pdf) at EGU 2017
  • GSNL 2.0: leveraging on Open Science to promote science-based decision making in Disaster Risk Reduction. S. Salvi et al., 2017. Poster  (ppt) at EGU 2017
  • The GEO Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratory initiative. S. Salvi, 2016, article in the EPOS Newsletter, Oct. 2016.


photos with Vicky Luckas,Bente Lilja Bye (NextGEOSS) and Stefano Salvi (GSNL SAC Chair)

  • The Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratorie and Earth observations. Listen the interview by Bente Lilja Bye (center) and Vicky Luckas (left) (NextGEOSS ) with Stefano Salvi (right) (GSNL SAC chair).


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