Virunga Supersite

Supersite Objectives

Further to the GSNL general objectives, the Virunga Supersite has the following specific objectives:

  1. capacity building of local scientists,
  2. increase, on a fair basis, international collaboration  for the monitoring of the Virunga active volcanoes and the Lake Kivu with the aim of preventing the related risks.
  3. access Earth Observation satellite data, for the monitoring and understanding of the volcano processes,
  4. identify possible funding sources and obtain resources to develop GVO monitoring and scientific capacities.


Supersite Coordinator

Charles Balagizi
Goma Volcano Observatory

Official end-users

DRC Civil Protection

NGOs for Emergency and Disaster Management (also in Rwanda)

Virunga National Park offices

Open Supersite data

Please read  the Virunga Supersite Data Policy before continuing.

EO data:

In situ data:

  • Contact the Supersite coordinator.

If you want to use in situ data, we strongly encourage to seek collaboration with scientist at the Goma Volcano Observatory,  as explained in the Virunga Supersite Data Policy

Result highlights

Supersite history