Mt. Etna Volcano Supersite

Supersite Objectives

The Mt. Etna volcano Supersite has four objectives:

  1. achieve new scientific results based on the use of available unprecedented data sets;
  2. develop and transfer timely scientific knowledge on volcanic crises;
  3. develop sustainable long‐term Earth observation strategies following eruption.
  4. establish user requirements for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

Official end-users

National Department of Civil Protection, Regional Civil Defense

Open Supersite data

TerraSAR X satellite data can be accessed from the DLR Supersite Data Portal (registration needed)

COMO-SkyMed SAR data, if available,  can be accessed from the ESA Geohazard Exploitation Platform. See instructions for use here.

For all other satellite data contact Supersite Coordinator: giuseppe.puglisi @

For this Supersite there is also a high resolution DEM available: see rules for access here: Access to 12-m TDX DEM for the Campi Flegrei/Vesuvius and Mt. Etna Supersites

Result highlights

Supersite history