Nicaragua Supersite

Supersite Objectives

Further to the GSNL general objectives, the Nicaragua volcano Supersite has the following specific objectives:

To obtain satellite data that serve as a tool for strengthening volcanic monitoring and surveillance in Nicaragua, as well as  basis for scientific studies for comprehensive disaster risk management, and thus to provide a timely response to the Nicaraguan population living in the vicinity of active volcanic structures and other areas affected by natural hazards.

Supersite Coordinator

Iris Valeria Cruz Martinez
Director General of Geology and Geophysics,   Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales-INETER, Nicaragua
Official Supersite page on INETER website

Official end-users

Open Supersite data

EO data (since 2022):

In situ data:

Researchers/direct collaborators of the Nicaraguan Supersite will have free access to the data, after formal request, but will not be able to share it with third parties, nor make unauthorized independent use or press releases with them.


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