Permanent Supersites


Geohazard Permanent Supersites (Supersites) are single sites or extended areas of highest priority to the geohazards community in which active single or multiple geological hazard caused by single or multiple sources poses a threat to human population and/or critical facilities (such as that of volcanic ash dispersion to aviation).

  • are subject to investigations aimed at broadening the scientific understanding of the causative geological processes narrowing down the uncertainty in hazard and risk assessment.
  • should have (or plan to develop)  data infrastructures providing open access to data acquired by in-situ and satellite Earth observing systems.
  • support collaborative research activities of a broad international research community.
  • provide open, and free-of-charge access to comprehensive satellite (optical and/or SAR) and ground-based geophysical data sets derived from different sources and different disciplines. (e.g., Seismic, GNSS, Strain meter, Tilt, Gas, gravity, LIDAR).
  • are not limited in time and will normally exist during the lifetime of the related activities or organizations and beyond that as applicable.

Their continued relevance will be monitored regularly (every 2 years).