The GSNL intitiative is a network, where

  • CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) Space agencies provide satellite imagery at no cost for scientific use,
  • the  in situ data providers, including national monitoring agencies and data infrastructures, provide access to ground-based data,
  • the global scientific community exploits these data to generate state of the art scientific results.

The CEOS space agencies

Satellite data providers

The CEOS Space Agencies support the GSNL initiative with satellite imagery (SAR and optical).
Within the CEOS, the Data Coordination Team (DCT) is the body which evaluates the Supersite proposals and proposes to the CEOS Plenary the acceptance of new SUpersites. The DCT also reviews the Supersite achievements.
The GSNL initiative is also represented in the CEOS WG Disasters, at which periodic meetings the GSNL Chair reports on Supersite results and on the status of the initiative.


In situ data providers

In situ data providers

In situ data providers  provide access to ground-based data.

The global scientific community

The global scientific community exploits in situ and earth observation data to generate state of the art scientific results. See the list of scientists of the GSNL community.