The GSNL intitiative is a partnership composed of:

  • the CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) Space agencies, 
  • the  in situ data providers, including monitoring institutes, agencies and consortia managing data infrastructures,
  • the international scientific community.


The CEOS space agencies

Satellite data providers

The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites – CEOS,  comprises a number of space agencies which support the GSNL initiative with satellite imagery (SAR and optical) free of charge.
Within the CEOS, the Data Coordination Team (DCT) is the main interface with GSNL.  The GSNL Chair reports on Supersite results and on the status of the initiative at periodic meetings of the CEOS Working Group on Disasters.

The following space agencies support GSNL with large amounts of data:


In situ data providers

In situ data providers

The following institutes/agencies provide access to ground-based data over the Supersites.


The international scientific community

The global scientific community uses in situ and earth observation data to generate state of the art scientific results.
The scientific community produces research results which are normally published on scientific journals, but also delivered (in the form of reports or bulletins) to the Supersite end-users and DRR decision makers. These results and products are described under each Supersite page, in the periodic Biennial reports and in the occasional Result highlights.
See here a list of the scientists of the GSNL community.