EO data access for the Kahramanmaraş Event Supersite

The Kahramanmaraş Supersite is strongly supported by the Space Agencies participating to the CEOS Working Group on Disasters:


The following EO data are available for scientific use.


COSMO-SkyMed stripmap images

ASI post-seismic interferometric acquisition plan for COSMO-SkyMed  satellites (repeat pass:16 or 24 days):

The CSK-CSG data are distributed through the Geohazard Exploitation Platform- GEP, under the folder Turkey EQ 2023

You can freely browse through the archive, but to be able to download the data, you have to follow the procedure described here

Note that before the event there were only a limited number of frames acquired over the area.

SAOCOM stripmap images

ASI interferometric acquisition plan for  SAOCOM:

The SAOCOM data are distributed through the ASI SAOCOM data hub., but can be browsed also from the CONAE catalog.

To be allowed to browse and download the data from the ASI SAOCOM data hub, you need to register your membership (join the license to use the data). To do this you should go to  https://www.asi.it/en/earth-science/saocom/ and follow the procedure explained in the Membership guide.

If you find the guide too dispersive, read below for a quick way to register (please have patience and read to the end...):



Pléiades Very High Resolution optical images

CNES will provide access to a number of tri-stereo Pléiades acquisitions.

Presently we are discussing the image quota to be allocated to the Supersite.

Initial areas selected for acquisition are:


Aerial photos

Aerial photos and orthophotos from the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, General Directorate of Mapping


Very High Resolution optical images from MAXAR

Open VHR optical images from MAXAR satellites, on OpenAerialMap


Open Geographical and EO data

A number of maps and EO data are available in the Geoportal of the HGM-General Directorate of Mapping.


Open satellite imagery from ITU-UHUZAM

Open access satellite images from ITU-UHUZAM. Website is in Turkish.

Access is granted for scientific use upon request to talep@cscrs.itu.edu.tr


Open satellite imagery - list maintained by Batuhan Kavlak

Open access satellite image list maintained by Batuhan Kavlak

Image URLs are provided