GSNL community meeting at EGU 2023

We held our first in-person community meeting after the end of the pandemics, at EGU 2023.

There were about 20 participants in-person, and about 15 online. The GEO-GSNL initiative Chair presented an update on the status of the initiative, and three Supersite Coordinators participated in person and presented  recent updates from the respective Supersites.

Available material:

Presentation by Stefano Salvi
Updates on the status of GEO-GSNL and the new Kahramanmaraş Event Supersite
Presentation by Michelle Parks
Updates from the Iceland volcano Supersite
Presentation by Charles Balagizi
Updates from the Virunga volcano Supersite
Presentation by Giuseppe Puglisi
Updates from the Etna volcano Supersite